East Goshen Township Park

East Goshen Township Park

The East Goshen Township Department of Parks and Recreation manages over 500 acres of park space, is a steward for conservation efforts and offers programs, activities and events that increase the quality of life for Township residents.

Simply put, it is “In the Business of Making Memories”. The department has experienced tremendous growth and success in recent years, increasing programmatic hours by over 500% since 2014. To meet current and future resident needs, the department has identified walkability as a chief strategic goal.

We’re proud to have received over $3.6M in grant funding to support the construction of the upcoming Paoli Pike Trail project. It will connect the many land uses lining Paoli Pike, allowing park users to safely navigate Township facilities, offer students a safe route to school, and support our local community businesses.

Park land is anchored by East Goshen Township Park, a 55-acre active park made lovely by rolling hills with vistas crossing over to its sister passive park, Applebrook Park, a 98 –acre passive park framed by Ridley Creek. East Goshen Township Park has a full complement of recreational facilities: baseball, softball and soccer fields; a multi-use field, a sand volleyball court, three tennis courts and two pickleball courts; two full-size basketball courts with brand new full-size backboards and breakaway rims, a fitness circuit area and a gazebo.


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