Natural Lands' Willisbrook Preserve

Natural Lands' Willisbrook Preserve

Natural Lands Willisbrook Preserve in Malvern, PA, is a dog-friendly, 126-acre area that includes more than 20 acres of the Sugartown Serpentine Barrens, a rare ecosystem.

These barrens support a diverse variety of plants, including serpentine aster, round-leafed fame flower, and warm-season grasses. Dogs are welcome as long as their humans keep them on leash at all times and pick up after them.

Willisbrook Preserve is a mix of woods and grassland meadows, including just over 20 acres of a rare ecosystem known as the Sugartown Serpentine Barrens. These barrens support a variety of plant species, many of which are threatened or endangered. In 2010, the barrens were designated as a Wild Plant Sanctuary by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.


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