Naylors Run Park

Naylors Run

Naylors Run is a 4.6-mile-long (7.4 km) tributary of Cobbs Creek in Haverford and Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania, United States. In 1975, a small dam was built near Naylors Run Park to help control flooding.

Naylors Run flows underground in Upper Darby from Sherbrook Boulevard to Walnut Park Drive, where it joins Cobbs Creek. Thousands of feet of Naylors Run were channeled into underground culverts to facilitate commercial and residential development in the filled land above the pipes. Naylors Run joins Cobbs Creek near 63rd st and Cedar Lane.

Naylors Run would normally be an intermittent stream, but it has become a perennially flowing stream because of the treated water discharged from the Havertown PCP Superfund water treatment facility.


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