Squire Cheyney Farm Park

Squire Cheyney Farm Park

Squire Cheyney Farm is a historic farm and national historic district located in Thornbury Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. The district encompasses two contributing buildings, three contributing sites, one contributing structure, and contributing object.

They are the farmhouse, barn (c. 1804, c. 1820, c. 1875, 1881, and c. 1910), ruins of a granary, remains of an ice house, a spring house (1799), stone retaining wall, and family cemetery (established c. 1803). The house was built in four periods, with the oldest dated to about 1797. The oldest section is a 2 1/s-story, three bay, stuccoed stone structure with a gable roof.

The additions were built about 1815, about 1830, and about 1850, making it a seven-bay-wide dwelling. It is "L"-shaped and has a slate gable roof. During the American Revolution, Thomas "Squire" Cheyney [II] informed General George Washington during the Battle of Brandywine that the British were flanking him to the north. He was later appointed to the Pennsylvania Ratifying Convention to ratify the United States Constitution. The site is now a township park known as Squire Cheyney Farm Park.


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